GCON Warranty Procedure

Although your project has reached completion, please know your GCON team remains your advocate post-construction.

At GCON, we are proud of the quality product we deliver to all our clients but know that things can happen. That is why we have a very simple warranty process that focuses on providing you superior customer service while your request is completed timely and to your satisfaction.

  1. Client Completes GCON Inc Warranty Claim Form on the GCON website.
  2. By clicking ‘Submit’ on the Warranty Form, it is immediately sent to GCON’s Warranty Specialist.
  3. Receipt of warranty request is validated by a confirming email.
  4. All warranty requests are responded to within 48hrs, with the exception of those considered an “emergency” which will be addressed immediately.
  5. GCON’s Warranty Specialist will contact the appropriate subcontractor(s) and coordinate repair work within the client’s schedule and needs.
  6. Once the subcontractor has completed the repair work and the client has signed off on the work, the warranty request will be closed out.
  7. Within a week of the warranty request being addressed and closed out, our Warranty Specialist will contact the client to confirm all repair work is still in good working order and will ask for feedback on our performance, helping us with continued growth and improvement.
  8. Sixty days prior to the completion of the warranty period, GCON’s Warranty Specialist will contact the client to confirm all work is functioning as required. A warranty completion sitewalk/review will be scheduled where the work can be reviewed for performance and sustainability.