Becoming a Subcontractor

GCON is always looking for new subcontractors/vendors to further expand our network of reliable and high performing trades. We regularly pre-qualify new subcontractors/vendors and annually renew those that have performed optimally while maintaining the prequalification requirements.

GCON’s Prequalification Process

Each subcontractor/vendor must go through GCON’s prequalification process.
The subcontractor prequalification process requires a review of the following items:

Company information

(including owners)

Current financial statement

Safety ratings

Current / completed projects




Surety letter

Become a GCON Subcontractor

Please  complete the fields below for a New Subcontractor Request Form.

Subcontractor Billing Forms

Billings Procedures Checklist

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Subcontractor Billings Form

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Sub Conditional Progress Waiver

Download Waiver

Sub Conditional Final Payment

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