GCON Celebrates National Ugly Sweater Day With A Contest

December 21st – The GCON team enjoyed some Christmas Festivities in the office on National Ugly Sweater Day.


The winner, by a land slide, was John Russell! His wife Kim did a wonderful job of creating a Christmas tree themed ugly sweater. From top to bottom this ugly sweater came with all the tree trimmings and more! It included a tree topper (Santa hat), snowman tree skirt, functioning lights, tinsel and even garland that spelled out “GCON!”


Congrats on your well deserved win John and thank you to everyone else that participated.


GCON President and co-founder, Mike Godbehere lives by the mantra, work hard, play hard.  Recently, to take some down time with our team, Mike hosted a happy hour to get down to business, make announcements and also, have some fun. [READ MORE…]

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