Drinks with Mike

GCON President and co-founder, Mike Godbehere lives by the mantra, work hard, play hard.  Recently, to take some down time with our team, Mike hosted a happy hour to get down to business, make announcements and also, have some fun.

I know you’re probably thinking…. Wow, Mike sounds like a cool dude… and you’d be right!

Every month GCON holds an internal networking event with our President to get the message from leadership about where we are heading as a company. Whether that be drinks or breakfast… everyone looks forward to it! Since it is a rare occurrence to have every GCON employee in the same room, all are encouraged to ask Mike questions; the good, the bad and the gossip, ya know?!

Mike also takes this time to share all exciting new opportunities and updates with the team.  This month we were excited to hear about new employees and new leadership positions that will keep us growing while holding true to our mission to be the #1 relationship contractor in the Southwest.

Drinks with Mike, and yeah, maybe just Mike, is one reason we are all proud to be  part of #teamGCON!

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