Medical Tourism: The Future of Wellness with AAED

Thursday, June 21, 2018 – One of our most valuable memberships is with the group, Arizona Association for Economic Development of AAED. Recently, GCON was asked to be a part of the committee to spearhead the Northern Arizona Economic Development Symposium event held in Cottonwood, Arizona. The topic this year was medical tourism, an area in which GCON and our clients are very invested. Casey Rooney, AAED Northern Arizona Membership Chair (2017-18) & Economic Development Director, City of Cottonwood welcomed and opened to the 80 people in attendance, which included elected officials in three of the cities GCON is building in today.

The day started with defining what medical tourism is saying, “Modern medical tourism refers to people traveling to an area other than their own to obtain medical treatment. In the past it often referred to those who traveled from less developed countries to major medical centers in highly developed countries for treatment unavailable in their home area, but now we see people moving to areas where they can receive excellent medical care.” Each speaker was tasked to present how their part in the industry contributes to medical tourism.

GCON client, and medical expert, Kim Young Director at Arizona Kidney Disease and Hypertension Centers (AKDHC), has built many dialysis and surgical centers in northern Arizona and has seen the importance of medical tourism. Young said, “we have several facilities throughout Arizona (see map below), and as the need builds, we continue to see success in all cities large and small.” Young said that although they are not an “attraction” for patients to travel to, they are incredibly important to offer dialysis services for our winter visitors as well as people that visit our great state of Arizona. The services of AKDHC allow dialysis patients to leave their home and find quality care outside of their hometown, making vacationing a reality for everyone. AKDHC is one of the nation’s largest groups of physicians specializing in the care of patients with renal disease including chronic kidney disease (CKD), vascular access management, dialysis, transplantation and clinical research. Since 1976, AKDHC has enjoyed the trust and respect of the community and has grown to provide services throughout Arizona. Their goal is to provide the most advanced treatments and state-of-the-art technologies with compassion and caring.



AKDHC has several locations across the state! Check them out here, and visit for more information.

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