Homeless Youth Connection’s Annual AZ Shop to Give

On Friday afternoon, a couple of #teamGCON members showed up in support of Homeless Youth Connection (HYC).

Homeless Youth Connection is a nonprofit organization in Avondale, Arizona whose mission is “to raise awareness and meet the needs of youth experiencing homelessness so they can stay in school and graduate”

Each team was provided a backpack, $200 gift card, a map of the mall, a list of items needed for HYC students, and a Golden Ticket.

A backpack – to be filled with all of the items for the students

$200 – to buy as many items as possible per the students’ needs

Map – to plan out your strategic moves

List of Items – per what the HYC students need

Golden Ticket – bonus items. Articles of clothing that are most needed, and harder to find

With only one hour on the clock, and on a busy Friday afternoon.. We were strategic in our plan of action. First we hit Forever 21, then on to H&M and followed by Torrid. Spending in total $203.47, and having less than a minute on the clock, #teamGCON provided over 15 items for HYC students.Huge Success! What an amazing group of people, teaming up for a great cause.

Check out hycaz.org to learn more on Homeless Youth Connection.


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