GCON Inc. Changing the Design Build Industry

New process makes construction easy for everyone

Construction is vital to growth and rebuilding our economy, and a new 2017 report (NAIOP Research Foundation) shows Arizona contributed more than $4 billion dollars to the overall economy and supported over 35,000 jobs. GCON Inc. is a contributor to these figures, and is quickly becoming an innovator in delivering construction projects to users who are unfamiliar with the process.

Mike Godbehere, CEO of GCON says, “Construction is easy, but many in our industry have made the process so complicated, it has stifled the average business owner or entrepreneur to move forward building their dream project. We are changing that.”

As an innovator and executive at Intel, Godbehere knew he wanted to simplify the building process when he started GCON in 2002. The mission lead the company through the recession, and now has built a strong company with projections to double business by 2020.

“We built the right team, and we built the right relationships. The new preconstruction approach from our design build division will save the client money and take months off of building time.”

Joel Canchola, Director of Preconstruction is leading the new team. “Bring your ideas, dreams, even napkin sketches, and our team will build a design, a budget and a plan to make it happen. Our system takes the intimidation out of construction, brings ethics back to projects, and allows the general contractor and owner to work together as partners.”

GCON is only accepting a limited number of their unique design build projects in 2017 to maximize the relationships with clients, and keep the relationships that kept us strong through the recession. The company is continuing to hire skilled, relationship driven professionals looking to make an impact in the industry, and most of all, who believe in making construction easy.