Sunshine Village Memory Care Community

Owner | Greenway Parkway LLC

Design | Orcutt Winslow

Segment | Multi Family/Assisted Living

Size | 32,000 SF

Location | Phoenix, AZ


Sunshine Village is a care facility for those affected by memory disease. Care is provided in a unique, home-style setting. The living environment fosters the feeling of being safe at home. The village consists of seven household cottages for up to twelve individuals. GCON was brought in for renovation of the seven cottages and administration/clubhouse building. Special considerations were made for the residents as they were moved out of their current cottage to a temporary cottage during the construction phase. The administration/clubhouse building was completed during off-hours to mitigate disruption to facility operations. Work included a variety of exterior and interior updates consisting of masonry, insulation and thermal protection, new doors and hardware, new windows, flooring, drywall, paint and MEP upgrades.


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