Bayer Private School (Phase II)

December 2, 2016
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Owner | Softwind LLC

Architect | DLR Group

Segment | Educational

Size | 7,830 SF

Location | Glendale, AZ

With the successful start up of Bayer Private School, GCON was excited to be involved in the expansion of the campus. Phase 2 of Bayer included a multipurpose room, three classrooms, two restrooms, snack bar, electrical room, storage and a janitorial closet. A breezeway was constructed to join the new addition with the existing building. Consistency in finishes offer unity on the campus between the original and new areas. The multipurpose room includes a stage, projector screen and surround sound and can also be used as a cafeteria. Additional components of this second phase included landscape, hardscape, and play areas.

Changes to the existing building included the transformation of two restrooms into a classroom, unisex restroom and a janitorial closet. Work began in the summer and was completed at the end of September 2016. As the student returned to campus for the new school year, GCON was able to offer a learning experience to the students demonstrating the construction process.







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