Arizona Charter Academy

Owner | Arizona Charter Academy

Architect | Cawley Architects

Segment | Educational

Size | 40,000 SF

Location | Surprise, AZ

With the extensive expansion of the Arizona Charter Academy, plans were implemented for work to be done in phases. Phase I included a new build addition of two classrooms, multi-purpose/lunchroom and a teachers lounge at the elementary campus.

Phase II consisted of a 26,000 SF, two-story new high school building with 13 classrooms, two science labs, dance room, library, recording studio, conference rooms and offices. Construction was performed on an occupied campus ensuring continuous operations and providing extensive safety measures to separate student and staff from any construction activity.

Phase III involved demolition and renovation of approximately 9,500 SF to house nine classrooms, a library and a 700 SF server room which serves as the campus networking hub. Exterior improvements were also made by increasing parking areas and adding a new queuing lane for drop off and dismissal.

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